MALMÖ TROPHY is an international top elite youth football tournament. 

We are proud and honored of having some of Europes most talented match officials. 

The tournament director of Malmö Trophy is Markus Lejonstad. 
Markus has been a federal referee, instructor and observer as well in Scandinavia as in other European countries. With an experience of directing referees on several international tournaments, we are honored of having Markus as one of our amazing staff at Malmö Trophy. 
Malmö Trophy cooperates with different federations given the possibility to give referees the opportunity to join the tournament. This unique cooperation helps us as an organizer to develop the youth football together with programme for match officials and referees.
Malmö Trophy is cooperating with several European countries and
All the referees attending on Malmö Trophy are well experienced and highly educated. With a guidance and support from each countries instructors, Malmö Trophy is an essential part for the referees education and way to success. Most of the referees have FIFA, Elite or Core, international education level. The referees are invited and chosen by each countries federation. All referees are invited separately via each federation to get the possibility joining this unique event. 

Referee Director   
Markus Lejonstad  
+46 70 437 86 96